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Update: September 12, 2015

There’s now a similar service to “Google Reader Shared Items” created by feedly. And if you want to follow whatever I’m reading (almost) everyday then check out 🙂 Have fun!


IMPORTANT NOTE: For the past few months I was able to subscribe to a huge amount of feeds, and it will take a lot of time to put them all here in a neat and categorized manner. Instead of going through the painful way, I just shared them all on my “Google Reader Shared Items” which you can view/subscribe here BTW, topics of interest are categorized into “Buckets” so you can opt to subscribe just on the topic that you want (example: Oracle Blogs, Storage, Servers, etc..)


Oracle Blogs and Sites – Last Updated: March 30, 2010

Below are some blogs and sites I recommend.. I hope you could get some links you find interesting and put ’em in your RSS reader (most of the links shown are on my Google Reader). People listed here (in my opinion) are one of the best in the community, I follow the blogs/sites of these people to get/make some new ideas and I update this page regularly with new links that I find useful 🙂 I’ve categorized them already!

General DBA
Aldo Fadalti
Amit Bansal, Saurabh Sood, LeoSanil
Amit Poddar
Andrew Barry
Arul Arogyanathan
Arup Nanda
Bert Scalzo,
Bradley D. Brown
CERN Physics Services Support wiki
Chen Shapira
Connor McDonald
Coskan Gundogar
Dominic Delmolino
Eygle Gai
Feng Tai-fai
Fred Coulson,
Geert De Paep – DBA Village,
Hans Forbrich
Husnu Sensoy
Iggy Fernandez,
Jared Still
Jason Arneil
Jeff Hunter
Julien Gabel
Joel Goodman
Kellyn Pedersen
Laurent Schneider
Lutz Hartmann
Marco Gralike
Martin Berger
Martin Decker
Mike Dietrich – Database Upgrade Development
Miracle Benelux
Mogens Nørgaard
Paul Gallagher
Pythian Group Blog
Ramasundaram Perumal
R. Wang
Sandeep Redkar
So What Co-operative
Syed Jaffar Hussain
Tim Hall
Tom Kyte Asktom
Toon Koppelaars,
Vitaliy Mogilevskiy
William Robertson
Werner Puschitz
Performance, Capacity Planning, and Internals
Alberto Dell’Era
Andy Rivenes,
Anjo Kolk
ASH Masters
Cary Millsap
Charles Hooper
Christian Antognini
Christian Bilien
Christopher Lawson
Craig Shallahamer
Confio Performance Blog
Dan Tow
Danisment Gazi Unal,, MRPP
Dennis Yurichev
Dion Cho
Dominic Giles
Doug Burns
Edward Whalen
Egor Starostin,
Gary Little
Gints Plivna
Glenn Fawcett,
Greg Rahn
Guy Harrison,
Hemant Chitale
Hotsos Happenings
H. Tonguc Yilmaz
James Koopmann
James Morle,,
Jeremiah Wilton,
John Brady
Jonah Harris
Jonathan Lewis
Karen Morton
Kerry Osborne
Krishna Manoharan
Kurt Van Meerbeeck,
Kyle Hailey,,,,,,,
Martin Widlake,
Miladin Modrakovic
Monty Orme – Hotsos
Neil Gunther
Optimizer team
Peter Stalder
Randolf Geist
Rick Minutella – Hotsos
Ric Van Dyke – Hotsos
Richard Foote
Riyaj Shamsudeen,
Steve Adams
Sun BestPerf
Tanel Poder
Wolfgang Breitling
Yaping Chen
Yong Huang
RAC and Infra
Alejandro Vargas
Bhavin Hingu
Dan Norris
Fairlie Rego
Jakub Wartak
Jeremy Schneider
Julian Dyke
Kevin Closson
Oracle XPS The Netherlands on HA
Rajeev Ramdas Thottathil
Ronny Egner
Simon Thorpe
Steve Shaw
Wim Coekaerts
Alexander Kornbrust
David Litchfield
Oracle Global Product Security Blog
Paul Wright
Pete Finnigan
Stephen Kost
Enterprise Manager
Porus Homi Havewala
Enterprise Manager Widgets
BI and Data Warehouse
Mark Rittman
Tim Gorman
Kavin Mehta
Oracle BI Publisher Blog
BI Blogs
Adrian Billington
Eddie Awad
Steven Feuerstein
Michael McLaughlin
Yun Feng
Kevin Dalton
Noel Portugal
E-Business Suite
Advait Deo
E-Business Suite Blog
David Kurtz,
Knowledge Depot
OTN RSS link
SQL Best Practices with humor
The Guerrilla Manifesto
Yong Huang’s Computer Page
Basic SQL Join Semantics,
Michelson Awards
Wait Event Documentation
Graphics vs Text
Visual SQL Tuning
SQL Topology
DB Optimizer for Oracle
Other Oracle Tools
ORAFAQ SQL Tuning Guide
Tutorial on Database Normalization
Database Journal
Database Journal – Tools
Community Sites
OTN Forums
Oracle Mix

Tools and References:



RedHat News
RedHat Magazine
RedHat Knowledge Base
Fedora People
RedHat Truth Happens
Linux Magazine
Linux Developer Network
Ubuntu Geek
Jeremy Garcia,
Gustavo Duarte
Humble Joseph
Vivek Gite
RedHat Webinars


Adrian Cockcroft,,
Brendan Gregg,,,
Jim Mauro and Richard McDougall,
Robert Milkowski
BigAdmin Wiki BigAdmin Wiki
DTRACE portal
Sun Microsystems RSS Feeds
Bryan Cantrill
Yonah Russ
Dominic Kay


Mark Russinovich

Technology Sites and Blogs:

Delicious Blog
Fritz Mesedilla
Joel on software
On Storage
Robin Harris
Real World Technologies
Super Computer Sites
Google Blog
CMG, CMG news
Communications of the ACM
Mind Map
StatCounter Blog
Adaptec Storage Advisors
Unixmen Tutorials
VMware VirtualReality
Peter Learmonth
Jos van Dongen – Tholis Consulting
Dilbert Daily Strips
Tom’s Hardware
Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat
Nati Shalom
Google Code
High Scalability http://highscalability.comPSIA BlogsJon Limjap http://dotnet.kapenilattex.comDeng Ching Gonzalez VanDaniker Tricks http://gnuplot-tricks.blogspot.comCapacity PlanningJohn Allspaw

Download sites:

. (Use to read the Chinese) (Use to read the Chinese)




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