Enkitec University – Exadata Courses for Developers and DBAs 4

It’s been a long time since my last blog and ever since I joined Enkitec I’ve been busy immersing myself in Exadata stuff. So most of the time I’m just posting my brain dumps on my wiki although I know there’s a lot of blog worthy scenarios and projects that I have worked on just like last week when we did an Exadata Half Rack X2-2 Split Configuration from the factory image without the use of Oracle’s ACS. We did all of the pre-config and config tasks like the onecommand, patched the database to BP8, patched the cells to, and did all the post config tasks… all of these config are tailored according to the client’s needs and not the default template install/config done by Oracle’s ACS.  Andy Colvin has a blog post about it. And while we were doing that config.. Randy Johnson and the rest of the team are already working on the provisioning and migration plan for the dev/qa and prod databases that will be consolidated. So that’s a pretty exciting end-to-end Exadata project :)


Hotsos 2011 – Mining the AWR Repository for Capacity Planning, Visualization, and other Real World Stuff 3

For all that loves Oracle performance.. Hotsos is truly the best conference, all the speakers are performance geeks, all the attendees talks about performance. Everything is about performance! There are lot more stuff that I like about my first Hotsos experience, the following are some of them..

I like that presenters and attendees are curious about what each performance geek has to say..