Oracle Big Data Appliance First Boot Reply

This is a quick video of our Big Data Appliance first boot yesterday in our server room (with Kerry and Andy), now she’s beside our two Exadata quarter racks all we have to do now is connect both of them through the infiniband spine switch located at the bottom of each of the rack. At the latter part of the video you’ll hear me counting as I power on the top half of the rack, I’ve seen enough blinking green lights yesterday and that’s what I call “server porn”.. thinking about how can I push the limits of those servers and all the fancy monitoring and workload characterization I can do with it.. but of course this is everybody’s R&D machine at Enkitec ;) Andy and I had a quick look on the server, it comes bundled with a particular image version and running on UEK kernel (OEL 5.6).. the machines are not yet configured, and it has a similar Exadata onecommand utility to configure the entire stack which the doc names it as the “Mammoth Utility” which will install and configure the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop plus the other Big Data stuff (connectors, NoSQL database, etc.)


OakTable World 2012 Reply

This Monday Oct 1, 2:00-2:50PM I’ll be presenting at the OakTable World which used to be called as Oracle Closed World, this year it’s a full two-day conference with awesome speakers lineup and very interesting topics… you can just watch this video by Mogens Norgaard to know more about the roots of this very technical event.

My presentation title is “Where did my CPU go?” – monitoring & capacity planning adventures on a consolidated environment .. and If you love to hack the ASH and AWR data and curious about CPU capacity planning then you’re really going to enjoy this session.. it’s going to be all about CPU ;)


The effect of ASM redundancy/parity on read/write IOPS – SLOB test case! for Exadata and non-Exa environments 13

Last week I had a lengthy post at oracle-l that tackles Calibrate IO, Short Stroking, Stripe size, UEK kernel, and ASM redundancy effect on IOPS Exadata which you can read here
followed by interesting exchange of tweets with Kevin Closson here (see 06/21-22 tweets) which I was replying in between games at UnderwaterHockey US Nationals 2012 which we won the championship for the B division ;) I have my awesome photo with the medal here

This post will detail on the ASM redundancy/parity effect on IOPS… if… by changing the ASM redundancy (external, normal, and high) will it decrease the workload read/write IOPS or stay as is. I’ll walk you through the step by step on how I did the instrumentation + the test case itself then end with some results and observations.

Let’s get started!