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2014/12/04: my Time/Task/Goal/Habit (TTGH) management
2013/09/22: OOW and OakTable World 2013
2013/05/23: Speaking at E4 2013! … and some Exadata Patents good stuff
2013/02/05: RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, KSCOPE, and E4 2013
2012/10/16: Oracle Big Data Appliance First Boot
2012/09/27: OakTable World 2012
2012/06/29: Speaking at E4!
2012/06/29: The effect of ASM redundancy/parity on read/write IOPS – SLOB test case! for Exadata and non-Exa environments
2012/05/14: IOsaturationtoolkit-v2 with IORM and AWESOME text graph
2012/03/24: Fast Analytics of AWR Top Events
2012/02/13: RMOUG 2012 training days
2012/02/11: SQLTXPLAIN quick tips and tricks and DB Optimizer VST
2011/12/31: Easy and fast environment framework
2011/12/06: Mining EMGC Notification Alerts
2011/09/21: Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Installation / Configuration
2011/07/18: VirtaThon – Mining the AWR
2011/07/14: Enkitec University – Exadata Courses for Developers and DBAs
2011/05/17: NoCOUG Journal – Ask the Oracle ACEs – Why is my database slow?
2011/03/23: Oracle by Example portal now shows 12g
2011/03/11: Hotsos 2011 – Mining the AWR Repository for Capacity Planning, Visualization, and other Real World Stuff
2011/01/30: Migrating your VMs from VMware to VirtualBox (on a Netbook)
2010/12/21: Wheeew, I am now a RedHat Certified Engineer!
2010/11/07: I’ll be speaking at HOTSOS 2011!
2010/10/07: After OOW, my laptop broke down – data rescue scenario
2010/09/24: Oracle Closed World and Unconference Presentations
2010/09/20: OOW 2010 – the highlights
2010/09/12: OOW 2010 – my schedule
2010/08/31: Statistically summarize Oracle Performance data
2010/07/27: Guesstimations
2010/07/25: Graphing the AAS with Perfsheet a la Enterprise Manager
2010/07/05: Oracle datafile IO latency – Part 1
2010/06/28: The “Not a Problem” Problem and other related stuff
2010/06/18: Oracle Mix – OOW 2010 Suggest-A-Session
2010/05/30: Seeing Exadata in action
2010/04/10: My Personal Wiki –
2010/03/27: “Ideas build off ideas”… making use of Social Networking sites
2010/02/04: DEVCON Luzon 2010
2010/02/01: Craig Shallahamer is now blogging!
2010/01/31: Workload characterization using DBA_HIST tables and kSar
2009/12/31: 50+ SQL Performance Optimization scenarios
2009/11/21: RAC system load testing and test plan
2009/11/03: RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) is out!!!
2009/08/15: Knowing the trend of Deadlock occurrences from the Alert Log
2009/07/30: Lucky to find it..
2009/06/07: Diagnosing and Resolving “gc block lost”
2009/05/08: Yast on OEL
2009/05/08: Understanding the SCN
2009/04/20: Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting by Tanel Poder in Singapore
2009/04/06: OS Thread Startup
2009/04/04: Single Instance and RAC Kernel/OS upgrade
2009/02/27: Security, Forecasting Oracle Performance and Some stuff to post… soon…
2009/01/03: Migrate from Windows XP 64bit to Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 64bit
2008/11/07: Oracle-Validated RPM on OEL 4.5

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