Mining EMGC Notification Alerts Reply

The past few days, I’ve been troubleshooting an email alerting problem on an EMGC 11.1 install on a client site.
But this troubleshooting also includes setting up my own email server and reproducing the problem
Watching/digging on the EM web based interface is tedious so I devised a way to just mine on the MGMT views… thanks to the MOS 421499.1 EMDIAG REPVFY Kit – which is a good source for mining the EMGC repository.


Yast on OEL 7

Lately I’ve been playing with Enterprise Manager Grid Control on OEL 4.4 (I’ll upgrade this to soon) and I’ve had a couple of product presentation and demo focusing on the Database Enterprise Management, well among all the packs under this Grid Control “Area” the hottest are the Configuration Management and Data Masking.

…While clicking around the huge monitoring tool I’ve reached the page of “Targets -> Hosts -> Administration”…that happens to be part of the Oracle Management Pack for Linux and noticed it was not working and says it needs the “Yast wrapper available at” hmm maybe not the exact message but it lead me to download this file which is a port of Yast to Oracle Enterprise Linux. COOL!🙂