The ACE Scorecard Reply

The newly introduced “Oracle ACE Program Scorecard” felt like I did a timesheet of my Oracle online footprint for the entire year. Spent most of the day (afternoon until midnight) documenting/searching, going through emails w/ Product Managers/Developers and forum/mailing list and a bunch of other stuff. After Lillian Buziak left from the program (we joke about she’s my sister from another mother because of our chinky eyes) I’ve never had contact w/ others on the team so this is good because the new ones (Jennifer) probably don’t know I exist =p and this scorecard helps me somehow quantify my contributions. Although I find it interesting how categories are scored and some of it I would say is unfair for the others doing a lot more work (especially volunteer work) in the Oracle community. One example is the conference points is “per attendance”. So a guy that did 1 presentation would score the same 20 points as the guy that did 4. And BTW if you presented a “cloud content” you get 30 points (vs 20). Same goes with the blog post, 5 for non-cloud 10 for cloud. So two “cloud” blog post is essentially equivalent to a conference presentation. Clearly there’s a gamification (rules based point scoring) going on and it has pros and cons. And this is dangerous because the program may end up losing valuable players just because the rules are not fair or they just don’t (feel) like (playing) the “game”. The rules will probably evolve after the feedback and results. Let’s see how it goes.



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