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A couple of months ago I did a presentation and decided to put the files up in github ( just because I wanted to move away from dropbox for my scripts and resources. Well, that was very convenient because the audience can just download the master zip file and that’s it! But then I figured I don’t want to have the next presentation on another repo and it would look pretty messy on my git account. Ultimately I’d like all the presentations to be on one repo and only separated by folders but then by default if you just put it that way then the “download zip” will download all of the conference folders.

The howto below will show you how to create a branch for each presentation folder so that every folder will have its own “download zip” link. Another way to get a downloadable link is through releases but it doesn’t fit the requirement of having just the subset of files shown on the zip file.

Here we will be working on the following branches:

master – this is the default branch where all the files are shown
empty – an empty branch created from master. this is just used for creating the stage branch, more like a gold image copy
stage – this is where we initially commit the presentation files and later on will be deleted once the custom branch is created and merged to master
a custom branch (in this example: talks3) – this is the branch we create from the stage and then merged with the master

Click on the link below to get started.

howto: github – talks branch

Soon this URL will be repopulated with my previous conference files (demos/scripts/slides).

If the branching stuff is to much for you, then here’s some git learning references



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