Speaking at E4 2013! … and some Exadata Patents good stuff Reply

I’ll be co-speaking with Tyler Muth at E4  and we will be talking about Performance Visualization…
some of you may already know that I’m really a big fan of Tableau and just to give you an example on what the tool can do I’ve consolidated all the different viz that I’ve done during my sizing & performance gigs here http://goo.gl/xZHHY and Tyler has also been doing a lot of Exadata performance & benchmarking gigs lately and there were a couple of times where we collaborated on specific viz (him doing it on R) just to validate each other’s work. In short, we are passionate about this stuff. And we are going to be awesome 🙂

The session title is: Performance data visualization with Oracle R and Tableau

and here’s the abstract:

In this session Tyler and Karl will do an example based and problem/solution approach in showing how to visualize performance data from Exadata benchmarking and some of their most interesting production workload characterization and sizing scenarios. Each problem/scenario will be visualized using Oracle R and Tableau and will drill down deep on how to effectively explore the data and match it with the different ideal visualization types leading to quantitative information and solid solutions.

Also here’s a little tidbit about some of the speakers.. yesterday I was compiling a list of people who invented the main technologies of Exadata and side by side with their patents. This started when I can’t find enough documentation about the write-back flash cache… even the Exadata official doc and the MOS FAQ 1500257.1 are not enough so I went on and search further and was able to find some gold mine. Here’s the list that I have so far:

Roger Macnicol http://goo.gl/oxxu7
hcc http://goo.gl/9ptFehttp://goo.gl/3IOSi

Sue Lee http://goo.gl/6WCFw, http://goo.gl/bI0pd
iorm http://goo.gl/BHIc1

Boris Erlikhman http://goo.gl/2LvXU
smart scan http://goo.gl/chy2s
flash cache http://goo.gl/YlCA7
smart flash log http://goo.gl/TwyRx
write back cache http://goo.gl/2WCmw

What’s interesting here is that the first two people on the list will be speaking at E4 talking about technical deep stuff 😉 now that’s just superb.

Of course Tom Kyte will be this year’s keynote speaker and especially Doug Cutting, the creator of  Hadoop, will be joining the fantastic list of speakers.

The event takes place August 5-6, 2013 at Four Seasons Hotel, Irving, Texas and there is plenty of time for you to register.. that’s $850 Live / $499 Virtual but of course if you attend live then you’ll be able to drink beer with us which will get even more technical 🙂  And you also have the option to attend the intense Training Days http://www.enkitec.com/e4/training-days to complete the week!

See ya! 🙂


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