RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, KSCOPE, and E4 2013 Reply

I’ve been really busy lately doing a lot of stuff, and most of the time if I’m doing some intensive research on a topic
I would just put them all in my braindump (wiki) so if you’ve been following this blog might as well subscribe on my wiki RSS because there are just a bunch of bits of research going-on (see this mindmap) and what usually happens is I put them all together to make an awesome presentation/white paper.

So this 2013.. I’ll be presenting at RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, and KSCOPE 2013 😉

If you’ll be at RMOUG next week make sure you have the Guidebook app on your phone then search for “RMOUG Training Days 2013” and clicking on it will download the whole guide which has all the details you need to make the most out of a very technical conference 😉 the app is awesssomeee, and you can take a pic, tweet, maps, facebook, and most of all my schedule is lined up in one page and very searchable. My schedule is below:

After the lunch with the ACEs on Tuesday, I’ll be hanging out with Tim Gorman, Jeff Smith, and Kris Rice to talk about database careers and I believe for the past few years we’ve been having High School students attend the whole conference so having a career talk would be a good avenue for mentorship, motivation, and some career guidance. And we’ve got some interesting topics and talking points lined up for you guys so this will be really interesting 😉

Then the next day (and I promise to not drink beer the night before) I’ll be delivering two presentations.

  • The first one is “Where did my CPU go?” which I’ll talk about how to compare between various CPU models and hardware platforms (both actual benchmarking and a reasonable method of quickly estimating relative performance based on SPECint_rate2006 and TPC-C results), then detail on the performance differences of cores vs threads, then move on to the database specific stuff which I’ll discuss the different CPU events, and lastly the monitoring/capacity planning of CPU on massively consolidated environments.
  • The 2nd is “A Consolidation Success Story” which covers some very interesting war stories about consolidating mixed workload databases in Exadata 😉

Oh! and lastly, the Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo will take place on August 5-6, 2013 in Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts in Irving, TX. And the call for papers is open, so if you have something interesting that you’d like to share, please do submit your abstract! 😉

Below is the video of last year’s event, it’s a compilation of all the presenters and the abstract titles and you’ll see me and Randy Johnson @3:20


Hope I’ve shared you some good stuff 😉


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