OakTable World 2012 Reply

This Monday Oct 1, 2:00-2:50PM I’ll be presenting at the OakTable World which used to be called as Oracle Closed World, this year it’s a full two-day conference with awesome speakers lineup and very interesting topics… you can just watch this video by Mogens Norgaard to know more about the roots of this very technical event.

My presentation title is “Where did my CPU go?” – monitoring & capacity planning adventures on a consolidated environment .. and If you love to hack the ASH and AWR data and curious about CPU capacity planning then you’re really going to enjoy this session.. it’s going to be all about CPU 😉

For the general flow of my presentation, I’ll be discussing about the ASH math as it relates to the CPU from the Oracle and OS perspective. I’ll explain the theory (see the doodle below) and show/demo how this works with real numbers/test case (take note of the 30secs sessions below) on a real hardware (my R&D server).

then once you get the ASH math and CPU foundation I’ll introduce the important CPU metrics from the Oracle perspective and how it relates to capacity planning

and from here I’ll show some CPU capacity planning scenarios using those important metrics and tools that can help slice and dice the performance data. Much like a self service database analytics 😉

I’m pretty sure this will be a fun hacking session.. and it gets even better because there will be tons of freebies (tshirt, JL’s “Oracle Core” book, DB Optimizer software, beer and food) on this FREE event 😉

C’mon & Register HERE: OakTable World

See ya! 🙂


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