RMOUG 2012 training days Reply

In the next few days I’ll be at RMOUG 2012 training days! and I’ll be again presenting the topic so dear to my heart. Mining the AWR 😉 I’ve updated the material with a couple of new research and findings, some of them are as follows:

  • CPU Wait (new metric in 11g Performance page)
  • Latency issues on virtualized environments

So if you are attending the RMOUG training days, stop by at my session @ room 401 Thursday 9:45 am-10:45 am

There will also be a RAC Attack at the exhibition area so that must be fun 😉

and don’t forget to follow RMOUG’s twitter @RMOUG_ORG for updates during the conference!

See yah!



I had a great time at RMOUG, was able to meet old/new friends and had a good number of attendees. The organizers really did a good job 🙂  Here’s the updated PPT I used during the presentation.
That’s the most recent, the one on the RMOUG is not yet updated. For the scripts https://karlarao.wordpress.com/scripts-resources/ they are all at the “PerformanceAndTroubleshooting” folder

Thanks to all who attended my presentation, I know that’s a bit too much technical stuff for 1hour presentation squeezing all 101 slides and all that info. The best way is to go through my notes on the slides, check out all the links I pointed, and try to poke around on the scripts. And I assure you will learn tons of stuff & greatly appreciate the material  🙂


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