Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Installation / Configuration 2

Earlier Oracle announced the Oracle Database Appliance which is a really cool RAC-in-a-box. And here at Enkitec office we are very lucky to get our hands dirty and play with this new beast 😉 On the photo below you will see the Oracle Database Appliance.

Andy Colvin has some detailed reviews about the Oracle Database Appliance.. check out these links if you want to see the internals of the machine

But this post will walk you through the installation and configuration of the Oracle Database Appliance.. well all I can say.. at the end of the ODA installation, all I had was 8 screenshots and that’s it. Complete install of the Grid infrastructure, ASM diskgroups, RDBMS software, and a fully functional clustered database in just two hours. Compared to a similar recent RAC project, the installation alone required about 80 screenshots.. and took a couple of days.. and involved multiple teams in the IT group. That’s the wonder of the super simplified installation using the Oracle Appliance Manager or the OAK Configurator which you will see below:

And again all of that took just 2hours to have a 2node RAC.. 😉

Hope I’ve shared you some good stuff .. 😉 Keep posted for more ODA at Enkitec Blogs!



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  2. Interesting post and jealous you’ve got an ODA to play with! Can you tell us how the processors are scaled up and down? What else can you do via the OAK tools and are they the same as the Appliance Manager? I’m assuming most stuf is via oakcli or oak configurator but there’s no documentation (that I can find) out there yet… thanks!

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