VirtaThon – Mining the AWR 5

Earlier I did a presentation at VirtaThon which is the same topic that I presented at Hotsos 2011.. Mining the AWR and Capacity Planning are very dear to my heart and up until now I’m using every research I did on that presentation to work on an “Exadata Provisioning Tool” which I’m planning to present at the next Hotsos 2012… well, the only thing that’s different this time is.. my attendees are virtual geeks all over the world 😉

I was at the Virtual Room #100, and the staff earlier were really helpful and most of all I had fun doing that webinar.. and I get to “doodle” on a lot of my slides!

Overall, that was a fun first time experience 😉

Check out the presentation slides below and the scripts here..

BTW, as per Tariq Farooq.. Everything is being recorded! and they will be “broken up” and uploaded within a week or so.. So I’ll be updating this post and include that recording once the video comes out 😉

Hope I’ve shared you some good stuff 😉



    • Sorry for the late response, you should now see the script.. but it should also be available on this zip file “HOTSOS2011 – Karl Arao – Mining the AWR”

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