Enkitec University – Exadata Courses for Developers and DBAs 4

It’s been a long time since my last blog and ever since I joined Enkitec I’ve been busy immersing myself in Exadata stuff. So most of the time I’m just posting my brain dumps on my wiki although I know there’s a lot of blog worthy scenarios and projects that I have worked on just like last week when we did an Exadata Half Rack X2-2 Split Configuration from the factory image without the use of Oracle’s ACS. We did all of the pre-config and config tasks like the onecommand, patched the database to BP8, patched the cells to, and did all the post config tasks… all of these config are tailored according to the client’s needs and not the default template install/config done by Oracle’s ACS.  Andy Colvin has a blog post about it. And while we were doing that config.. Randy Johnson and the rest of the team are already working on the provisioning and migration plan for the dev/qa and prod databases that will be consolidated. So that’s a pretty exciting end-to-end Exadata project 🙂

BTW, the Chapters 01 (What’s Exadata), 08 (Configuring Exadata), 14 (Disk Layout), 15 (Node Layout) of the Expert Oracle Exadata will help you familiarize with the ins-and-outs of the Exadata configuration.

On the other hand I’ve been sitting in this interesting Exadata class for the past few days aimed for the Developers and DBAs. Enkitec having a bunch of hands-on Exadata Experts created a course that focuses on optimizing the performance of Exadata and how to troubleshoot and write SQL to fully utilize the critical features and achieve the ultimate performance improvement.. This course is really a technical hands-on, it’s full of labs, test cases, and real world customer stories. And most of all the students get to play on Enkitec’s X2-2 and V2 environments sitting just across the classroom 😉

Tim Fox and Randy Hardee are the primary instructors for this class and they’ve got a solid Exadata background from troubleshooting and tuning, benchmarks, POCs, and both of them have been involved on most of the 25+ Exadata implementations. Plus Kerry Osborne’s office is just a few steps away so interesting discussions and questions are all welcome 🙂

For the Summer/Fall 2011 Schedule and all of the details kindly visit this website. Also, by popular demand.. we will be putting up a class dedicated to Exadata Administration that will tackle the areas of provisioning/capacity planning/resource management, cell administration, backup and recovery, etc.

Below are some of the actions on the class:

So keep posted for new stuff on this URL –>




  1. Hey Karl,

    Nice to see you posting again. Congratulations for joining Enkitec, I guess it’s exiting and you have a whole new world to explore. Keep up the good work!


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