Oracle by Example portal now shows 12g 3

A quick post… which is a bit interesting…

As I was searching for Exadata viewlets in Oracle By Example portal ( I clicked on the “Advanced Search”

and then filtered by Product Family (Database) and then by Product

to my surprise there was an option for “Database 12g”….

oh well.. I checked on the Lifetime Support Policy ( and looking at the release dates
it could be possible that they will release the new version anytime this year..

could be in Oracle Open World 2011? hmmm… 😉





  1. Hi Karl, nice to read your blog posts again, I guest you’re having a lot of work recently. Actually I was doing some search yesterday at Oracle OBE and noticed the same thing. Probably there is some content, but it’s internal yet and hey congratulations for the taking part in the Hotsos conference! 🙂


    • Hi Sve,

      Yes so many things to do.. so little time.. !
      Hehe yeah could be internal or private as of now, also a search of “12g” in metalink will show a couple of notes that mentions that version..

      Thanks Sve, Hotsos was awesome. And I might see you again in OOW2011.. 😉

  2. I think it is very common to have a bucket for future releases. For example, the 12g keyword can be found in many places in the For sure, I hope it won’t happen this year – we just upgraded all older version to 11g. 🙂

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