Hotsos 2011 – Mining the AWR Repository for Capacity Planning, Visualization, and other Real World Stuff 3

For all that loves Oracle performance.. Hotsos is truly the best conference, all the speakers are performance geeks, all the attendees talks about performance. Everything is about performance! There are lot more stuff that I like about my first Hotsos experience, the following are some of them..

I like that presenters and attendees are curious about what each performance geek has to say..

I like that whenever their brains are already fried. They consume as much coffee/soda as they can.. and just lay their butts on this couch.. and still.. talk about performance.

I like that after all the sessions, they will head straight to the hotel’s bar.. drink beer.. and still.. talk about performance.

I like that you can get yourself into healthy debates, validate each other’s methods and work, and also possible to collaborate with some other geeks doing the same research.

I like that I had a blast on my presentation.. 🙂

I like that I got a good number of attendees, good feedback, and good questions..

Below is the presentation slides BTW..

and below are the daily updates of the conference




Training Day


So.. Definitely I’ll come back, and.. I’ll try to make a good research every a year, so I can go again for free! 😉



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