I’ll be speaking at HOTSOS 2011! 6

Hotsos is an annual conference that is devoted on Oracle system performance and the people presenting there are really passionate about their research and highly specialized about their subject area. Kinda geeky, but hey, performance is never boring.. and for me there’s still a lot of things to learn on each of the areas of performance and these are as follows: 

  • Application Testing
  • Benchmark
  • Capacity Planning
  • Database Tuning
  • Hardware and OS
  • Performance Tools
  • SQL Tuning
  • Troubleshooting & Internals

Yesterday, I received an email that I have been accepted as a presenter for Hotsos 2011 😉 this is really cool .. !

My presentation title is Mining the AWR Repository for Capacity Planning, Visualization, and Other Real World Stuff

I’ve been researching about the area of Capacity Planning and Mining the AWR for quite a while. And I was able to create some useful scripts along the way plus I was able to present the idea on the recent Oracle Open World Unconference and Oracle Closed World, and I had very good feedback. So I’ll be sharing this again and some other things as I go on with my research but this time to a larger geeky audience.

Also it’s really good to know that the following speakers will also talk about how to make better use of the AWR repository.. I just wish any of these sessions will not conflict with my speaking slot so I could watch all of them

Dan Fink – Variance Analysis, Profiling and Trending Using ASH and AWR Data
Henry Poras – Determining Resource Utilization and Saturation Limits in a Multi-User, Mixed Workload Environment
Tim Gorman – Forensic Analysis using AWR and ASH
Wolfgang Breitling – Time Series Analysis Techniques for Statspack and AWR

So that’s all about it.. that really made my day.. I’m really happy and excited about this conference.. I submitted my abstract super late already but still it was chosen. Cool!

BTW.. as a speaker I’m entitled to attend the training day of Karen Morton for free and the topic is Managing SQL Performance – Practical Information and Tools for Writing and Maintaining Optimally Performing SQL

And the party must be fun! 🙂

… Dallas here I come!!!



  1. I am hoping that HotSos will eventually be making the presentation available to the public (for a fee, I assume). I’ve been trying to put Oracle’s History Views into service for CPU capacity planning; I am longing to see your ideas on the topic.

    • Hi Cliff,

      Thanks for the comment! As for the presentations.. what I do is, I’ll search first if the speaker has a website/blog or some repository where he dumps his resources. Then probably I could get the paper/presentation from there. If that does not work, I’ll directly mail him and he will be friendly and helpful enough to answer my curious questions about the topic.. even share his paper/presentation.. 🙂

    • Hey Rob! when you (and Ken) get back here make sure to meet up with me, and let’s drink some San Miguel Beer! 🙂 Regards to you guys!

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