Oracle Closed World and Unconference Presentations Reply

There are so many things to blog about these past few days. That is mainly about the cool stuffs around OCW and OOW, sessions that I have attended (OCW, unconference, OOW), plus the interesting people that I’ve met on various areas of expertise.. So I’ll be posting some highlights (and a lot of photos) on the next posts.

Last Monday (Sept. 20) I was able to present at the Oracle Closed World @ Thirsty Bear. The full agenda is here

I did my presentation after Tanel’s live hacking session. There were 30 (+-5) attendees and some of guys are also OakTable members, that was the first time I presented my material to such a geeky audience (that is drinking beer at the same time) and I was sure they’ll love what I have to share. So I pulled it off (although a bit nervous), and at the end of the session I’ve got some questions + nice comments from the guys. Especially from Mark Farnham where we had a small discussion about how interesting it would be to have a multiple regression of AAS to the different subsystems (cpu,memory,storage,network) plus having the facility to identify their cross sections. It was truly an awesome “” experience, plus I’ve got this cool shirt!

My Oracle Unconference presentation covers the same theme but has more details and scenarios. It was the time where Larry was about to do his second “Keynote” so I was expecting few attendees but I had a great time too and happy to show how to use the Perfsheet to one of the attendees (for his reporting purposes) plus a little discussion about the problems he’s having around his environment.

To all the guys that attended my session, thanks a lot! and I hope I’ve shared you some good stuff  🙂


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