OOW 2010 – the highlights Reply

I started my week with a blast by sky diving at Parachute Center – Sacramento, it was an awesome experience!

Then we went to Redwood Shores to check out the Oracle office

Then headed back to the Moscone area to register and attend the sessions

On the way to the 3rd floor to get the conference materials I saw a familiar face.. yeah it’s my friend Craig Shallahamer! finally we’ve met.. and we had a long talk & catching up about performance related stuff before his talk about troubleshooting “free buffer waits” at 3pm

On the “RAC customer panel” I saw Alex Gorbachev, Kai Yu, Philip Newlan and some of the RAC Pack, also Jeremy Schneider attending the session. After that we went straight to Larry Ellison’s keynote which is mainly about “Exalogic” – the very very very fast integrated middleware machine

Unfortunately I missed the fun on the Oracle ACE dinner at Pier 40, I came out of the keynote too late! But I’ll drop by at the Mason Street Tent tomorrow to catch up with Lillian Buziak. That’s it for now.. I’m expecting more exciting stuff to happen in the coming days so keep posted!


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