OOW 2010 – my schedule Reply

I was able to finalize my schedule a week before the OOW 2010 and most of the sessions that I’ll be attending are related to Performance & Exadata.

So that would be:

You can check my detailed schedule below … (I know it’s a jam-packed sched! I hope I can go to all of them..)

This will be my first time attending the OOW and I’m sure I’ll be having a superb time 😉 I’m registered as a Blogger so I got the full conference pass for FREE. I’ll be updating this blog as much as I can with small write ups, photos & videos about the conference so keep posted.

Plus it will be my birthday on Sept. 21st so you can send/give your gifts to me by going to my unconference session on Sept. 22nd 2pm Mason at Hotel Parc 55, I’ll be talking about a topic that is very dear to my heart.. that is Mining the AWR repository and making use of it for Capacity Planning, Visualization, & other real world stuff.. you can check out the mind map of my presentation here http://sites.google.com/site/karlarao/mindmap/mining-the-awr-repository

And one more thing, I’m excited to finally meet the people I happen to chat and exchange ideas that made me learn a lot of technical stuff that really helped me grow as a DBA for the past years. Expect a fan picture from me and a fan photo album coming :p

[UG] S315266,September 19,12:30,13:30,Moscone West L2 / Rm 2004,IOUG: Capacity Management for the Oracle Exadata V2
[UG] S313207,September 19,13:30,14:30,Moscone West L2 / Rm 2004,Near-Zero-Downtime Oracle Database Migration
[UG] S316246,September 19,15:00,16:00,Moscone West L2 / Rm 2004,IOUG: Testing to Destruction–Part 2
[UG] S318709,September 19,16:00,17:00,Moscone West L2 / Rm 2001,IOUG: Oracle RAC Customer Panel
[KEY] S319177 Sunday, September 19, 17:30 | Moscone North, Hall D – Oracle Welcome Keynote – 120 min.
[meetup] 18:30 – 23:00 Annual Oracle ACE Dinner, Commodore Cruises, Pier 40, 7:00-11:00pm

[KEY] S319178 Monday, September 20, 08:00 | Moscone North, Hall D – Oracle OpenWorld Keynote – 105 min.
[unconference] 11am Lombard:Optimizing Internal Serialization Control by Craig Shallahamer
[CS] S316157 12:30-13:30 Moscone South, Rm 308 Implementing Oracle Exadata: An IBM DB2-to-Oracle Exadata Case Study
[CS] S317164,September 20,14:00,15:00,Moscone South / Rm 104,The Latest Real World Performance Challenges
[CS] S317078,September 20,15:30,16:30,Moscone South / Rm 308,Extreme Consolidation with Oracle RAC One Node OR Do 5minutes presentation at Oracle Closed World (http://www.amiando.com/ocw.html?page=434167) about Graphing the AAS &/or Linear Regression
[CS] S315110 17:00-18:00 Moscone South, Rm 303 Optimizing Servers for Oracle Database Performance”
[KEY] S319179 Monday, September 20, 17:45 | Moscone North, Hall D – JavaOne Keynote – 90 min.
[meetup] 19:30 – 22:30 – OTN Night Party, Mason Street Tent, 7:30-10:30pm

— TUESDAY (my 26th birthday!)
[KEY] S319180 Tuesday, September 21, 08:00 | Moscone North, Hall D – Oracle OpenWorld Keynote 105 min.
[unconference] 9am Mason: Developer Coding Strategies for Very Large Databases with Daniel Morgan [Oracle ACE Director]
[unconference] 10am Mason: Oracle Indexes: Q & A Session with Richard Foote [Oracle ACE Director]
[unconference] 11:00 – Lombard: Do-It-Yourself Exadata-like Performance? Kevin Closson, Performance Architect, Systems Technology Group, Oracle.
[CS] S315449,September 21,12:30,13:30,Moscone South / Rm 306,Thinking Clearly About Performance
[CS] S317165,September 21,14:00,15:00,Moscone South / Rm 306,Oracle Database Performance Secrets Finally Revealed
[PAN] S317090,September 21,15:30,16:30,Moscone South / Rm 308,Oracle RAC on Sun Oracle Database Machine Customer Panel
[KEY] S319181 Tuesday, September 21, 16:30 | Hilton San Francisco, Grand Ballroom AB – Oracle Develop Keynote – Tom Kyte – 60min
[CS] S319101,September 21,17:00,18:00,Moscone South / Rm 304,Managing Transactions with Disappearing Indexes

[KEY] S319184 Wednesday, September 22, 08:00 | Hilton San Francisco, Grand Ballroom AB – Oracle Develop Keynote 90min
[KEY] S319182 Wednesday, September 22, 08:00 | Moscone North, Hall D – Oracle OpenWorld Keynote 45min.
[unconference] 11am Lombard: Everything A DBA Should Know About TCP/IP Networks – Oracle ACE Gwen (Chen) Shapira
[unconference] 1pm Lombard:Evaluating the Anticipated Effect of Performance Solutions by Craig Shallahamer
[unconference] 2pm Mason: Mining the AWR repository for Capacity Planning, Visualization, & other real world stuff by Karl Arao
[KEY] S319183 15:15-16:15 Moscone North, Hall D Oracle Keynote – Larry Ellison – Database” Moscone North, Hall D Oracle Keynote – Larry Ellison – Database
[CS] S317367 16:45-17:45 Moscone West L3, Rm 3020 Turkcell Transforms Its Business with Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Exadata”
[meetup] 17:30 – 19:30 – Wednesday, Sep 22: – Blogger Meetup (organized by ACE Director Alex Gorbachev), Jillian’s, 4th Street, 5:30-7:30pm

[KEY] S319185 09:00-10:30 Hilton San Francisco, Grand Ballroom AB – JavaOne Keynote: The Java Frontier
[CS] S317114 09:00-10:00 Moscone South, Rm 103 What Else Can I Do with System and Session Performance Data?
[CS] S317103 10:30-11:30 Moscone South, Rm 300 Online Application Upgrade of Oracle’s Bug DB with Edition-Based Redefinition
[CS] S313301 12:00-13:00 Moscone South, Rm 307 Calisthenics for DBAs
[CS] S315724 13:30-14:30 Moscone South, Rm 302 Quantifying Oracle Database System Performance
[CS] S316417 15:00-16:00 Moscone South, Rm 307 When Oracle Databases Meet the Cloud, It Might Rain


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