The “Not a Problem” Problem and other related stuff Reply

It’s been a while since I visited the Sun Video RSS feed and I found some interesting videos related to performance that are worth sharing and something you could watch over a big cup of coffee..

First is titled Performance: The “Not a Problem” Problem which I could also relate when doing performance analysis for example…

  • When a client instantly jump into conclusion that the performance degradation is caused by the database link well in reality when everything is measured/profiled it turned out that it’s because of the slow IO subsystem..
  • Or when the Data Guard environment was being blamed because of the slow batch processing but when everything is measured/profiled it turned out that it’s the bad SQL..

there are lots of interesting customer scenarios we could imagine.. but if there would be a systematic approach, a clear problem definition, and measuring the right stuff.. then things would be better..

Second is titled Performance: Experimentation which highlights the importance of the test cases and isolating the problem.. and how this could make a good learning experience while also solving the problem..

Third is the series of videos titled “Little Shop of Performance Horrors” posted on this blog post and tackled about these horrific topics:

  • The worst perf issues I’ve ever seen!
  • Common misconfigurations
  • The encyclopedia of poor assumptions
  • Unbelievably bad perf analysis
  • Death by complexity
  • Bad benchmarking
  • Misleading analysis tools
  • Insane performance tuning
  • The curse of the unexpected

I hope I’ve shared you some good stuff🙂 Enjoy!

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