The “Not a Problem” Problem and other related stuff Reply

It’s been a while since I visited the Sun Video RSS feed and I found some interesting videos related to performance that are worth sharing and something you could watch over a big cup of coffee..

First is titled Performance: The “Not a Problem” Problem which I could also relate when doing performance analysis for example…

  • When a client instantly jump into conclusion that the performance degradation is caused by the database link well in reality when everything is measured/profiled it turned out that it’s because of the slow IO subsystem..
  • Or when the Data Guard environment was being blamed because of the slow batch processing but when everything is measured/profiled it turned out that it’s the bad SQL..

there are lots of interesting customer scenarios we could imagine.. but if there would be a systematic approach, a clear problem definition, and measuring the right stuff.. then things would be better..

[ ?posts_id=3742672&dest=-1]

Second is titled Performance: Experimentation which highlights the importance of the test cases and isolating the problem.. and how this could make a good learning experience while also solving the problem..

[ ?posts_id=3740794&dest=-1]

Third is the series of videos titled “Little Shop of Performance Horrors” posted on this blog post and tackled about these horrific topics:

  • The worst perf issues I’ve ever seen!
  • Common misconfigurations
  • The encyclopedia of poor assumptions
  • Unbelievably bad perf analysis
  • Death by complexity
  • Bad benchmarking
  • Misleading analysis tools
  • Insane performance tuning
  • The curse of the unexpected

I hope I’ve shared you some good stuff 🙂 Enjoy!


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