Oracle Mix – OOW 2010 Suggest-A-Session Reply

I hope it’s not too late. I just finished my Suggest-A-Session on Oracle Mix titled “Mining the Oracle Database AWR repository for Capacity Planning“, this might be of interest to you… below is the abstract:

“New CPUs and storage arrays, they are getting faster but these resources are finite and come at a cost. Hence, capacity planning plays a very important role to ensure proper resources are available to handle expected and unexpected workloads. Another critical matter for the DBAs and IT managers is justifying the expense of adding resources on the system. With guesswork you’ll end up getting the most expensive hardware. With proper measurement, proper planning and management of growth, you’ll be able to get just the right hardware for your workload with allowance for a particular growth period. This will result to huge savings for the company and a happier IT shop.

AWR is a built-in data store that started in 10gR1 and it’s very much like a “Statspack on steroids”. It has improved significantly in 11gR2. What’s exciting about 10g and higher versions is we could utilize the “Time Model” and the “OSSTAT” view and use them together with the “SYSTAT” view to have a far better workload information when going through all the AWR snapshots.

From the AWR data samples, we could build amazing reports that will let us notice trends and makes it possible to visualize data and use statistical methods for analysis. Even more surprising about the AWR data samples is we are able to define the database server’s Capacity, Requirements, and Utilization in terms of CPU, IO, memory, and network which are very important key metrics for Capacity Planning.

In this session, attendees will be able to learn how to make use of the AWR specifically the DBA_HIST tables to have a clear-cut measurement on resources to aid in Capacity Planning, Predictive Analysis, and Performance Firefighting.”

it is really cool I’m telling you… c’mon, just click on the VOTE button 🙂


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