Lucky to find it… Reply

Earlier this month I was able to bought the book “Sun Performance and Tuning: Java and the Internet (2nd Edition)” for only 190pesos at some bookstore 🙂


Amazon sells it for 2400pesos.. 😉

It’s a pretty old book and was published around 1995-1996 but the content is still interesting. This led me to research more on the author and all of his work. Well hey! This guy is a recipient of the Michelson Award by Computer Measurement Group (CMG) I strongly suggest you subscribe to the monthly MeasureIT publication.. lots of good stuff on performance. The name of the mystery guy is Adrian Cockcroft… he got the award year 2007 then Neil Gunther on the next year. Cool 🙂 so Adrian’s book must be a real contributing factor. Plus, he’s blogging at

You could view Adrian and Neil’s acceptance speech on these links:

Adrian Cockcroft
Neil Gunther

And talking about Solaris performance. Below are some more personalities on the area of performance.

Brendan Gregg,,,
Jim Mauro and Richard McDougall,


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