OOW and OakTable World 2013 Reply

Today is the 1st day of OOW for me, and there are a lot of cool stuff going on.


Later I’ll be doing an IOUG session at Moscone West talking about CPU on how to monitor and do capacity planning and sizing. This is a pretty interesting topic and I will give you enough foundation to be able to consolidate a bunch of databases on one server or a cluster. There’s a method to this and you can be pretty accurate about it. Remember 12c is geared towards consolidation but it doesn’t really change the fundamentals when monitoring and sizing CPUs.. I’ll just talk more about that later.

Session ID: UGF9790
Session Title: Where Did My CPU Go?
Venue / Room: Moscone West – 3014
Date and Time: 9/22/13, 15:30 – 16:30

And on Tuesday I’ll be presenting at OakTable World.. I’m very excited about this! I’ll do a session highlighting a very write intensive OLTP Exadata environment and will discuss the different ways to monitor IO from the database and storage layer perspective and correlating it back to the application by mining the dba_hist_sqlstat data. I’ll also touch on utilizing the OEM12c Metric Extensions and BI Publisher integration to ultimately scale the monitoring to a bunch of Exadata environments. It’s going to be a fun hacking session.


Other Activities:

Speaking at E4 2013! … and some Exadata Patents good stuff Reply

I’ll be co-speaking with Tyler Muth at E4  and we will be talking about Performance Visualization… some of you may already know that I’m really a big fan of Tableau and just to give you an example on what the tool can do I’ve consolidated all the different viz that I’ve done during my sizing & performance gigs here http://goo.gl/xZHHY and Tyler has also been doing a lot of Exadata performance & benchmarking gigs lately and there were a couple of times where we collaborated on specific viz (him doing it on R) just to validate each other’s work. In short, we are passionate about this stuff. And we are going to be awesome :)

The session title is: Performance data visualization with Oracle R and Tableau

and here’s the abstract:


RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, KSCOPE, and E4 2013 Reply

I’ve been really busy lately doing a lot of stuff, and most of the time if I’m doing some intensive research on a topic I would just put them all in my braindump (wiki) so if you’ve been following this blog might as well subscribe on my wiki RSS because there are just a bunch of bits of research going-on (see this mindmap) and what usually happens is I put them all together to make an awesome presentation/white paper.

So this 2013.. I’ll be presenting at RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, and KSCOPE 2013 ;)

If you’ll be at RMOUG next week make sure you have the Guidebook app on your phone then search for “RMOUG Training Days 2013″ and clicking on it will download the whole guide which has all the details you need to make the most out of a very technical conference ;) the app is awesssomeee, and you can take a pic, tweet, maps, facebook, and most of all my schedule is lined up in one page and very searchable. My schedule is below: